The World’s Top 100 Mining Companies by Market Cap in 2021

An up to date table displaying the top performing miners globally by market capitalization.

K2fly - Top 100 Mining Companies by Marketing Capitalization

The gold standard for Compliance, Governance and Disclosure when reporting to stock exchanges

Responsible executives, resource planners and technical directors must ensure the data they report to stock exchanges adheres to CRIRSCO, JORC, SK1300, SAMREC and other compliance requirements. K2fly’s Resource Inventory & Reconciliation solution is trusted by the worlds leading miners and enables you to capture the raw, mineral resource, and reserve data once and report to multiple stock exchanges to remain compliant with these codes and regulations.

Trusted by leading mining companies in 54 countries

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Protect Reputation
The only commercial off-the-shelf solution to manage the entire stock reporting process from data capture, validation, and multi-level sign-off from competent persons and executives to eliminate errors and avoid reputational damage and severe implications.
Reliability & Automation
Replace cumbersome in-house systems and manual, error prone databases, spreadsheets and back-and-forth emails with automation and workflows from data capture to sign-off.
Silver Star Governance
Not only does our solution add assurance that the process is run properly with validation, but also adds multi-level governance to add greater visibility and reliability.

The Biggest Mining Companies in the World in 2021

Mining companies have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic in excellent financial and operational shape and the forecast is even brighter as the economy recovers.

The market is expected to reach a value of nearly $1.86 trillion by 2022, with the increasing demand for minerals for power generation and renewables technology.

The graphic (source: Visual Capitalist) shows the world’s top companies by market capitalization as of June 22, 2021, and the metals they mine.

See below chart for the top 100 mining companies by market cap.

The Biggest Mining Companies in the World in 2021

The Top 100 Mining & Metals Companies by Market Cap in 2021


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